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May we extend a warm welcome to all visitors to the Monashi Clan Website. 
We hope that your visit will prove to be enjoyable, and may even 
persuade you to consider signing allegiance to the clan by becoming an 
active member.

Our outlook is one of fun and enjoyment centered on the Creative Assembly 
Total War games, in particular Shogun 2 Total War. Our objective is one 
of approaching the game with a mature and friendly attitude in 
participation, and of encouraging the associated comradeship generated as a result of.


Much has been said about the Shogun 2 Total War game both good and bad
particularly with regards to the on line gaming arena. We regard this 
as early days within the game, and remind all players that it is only a 
brief time since the games release, with plenty of opportunity for any shortfalls 
to be corrected as time goes on, as has reliably been the case with 
other Total War Games previously, given the chance.

One matter of particular note is that of the steadily growing reports of 
spoiling of the game play by individuals withdrawing from games before 
completion of a game, in an attempt to protect their win/loss ratio. 
This ruins the experience for the winning player, and also unfairly 

robs the winner of valuable points towards advancement in the on line league 

We neither approve of nor condone this behavior or for that matter any 
other form of cheating, preferring our members to be seen as honorable 
and fair players. Any person of this ilk or behavior is unlikely to 
find membership of our group conducive with their style of play and they 
are respectfully requested not to consider joining.


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